Rehearsal Tracks – Soprano

Are You A Soprano?

You are probably a Soprano if these songs are in your comfortable range:

  • “Girl On Fire” – Alicia Keys
  • “Paparazzi” – Lady Gaga
  • “Let It Go” – Idina Menzel

If you are not sure, drop Liam a message – [email protected]

Rehearsal Tracks

Wake Me Up Before You Go Go

Dance With My Daughter

Bad Guys (Raven Only)


Take My Home Country Road

I Gotta Feeling

Sweet Caroline

You Give A LIttle Love

How To Practise

The rehearsal tracks have the Soprano part boosted to make it easier to hear. Rather than trying to learn the entire song in one go, work on it section by section – this might be just a few bars at a time. Listen to a section twice, then sing along with it three times, then try to sing it along with the section before. Slowly build up the song this way, until you are able to sing all the sections together.

Even if you don’t read music, follow along with the score as you listen to the recording – you will see the patterns of notes going up and down, and the faster and slower bits, even if you don’t know what each blob, dot and squiggle actually means!