Pit Band Recordings

Panto Medley

Wake Me Up


Arrival of the Fairy of Lambley

Wait, More Fairies?

A Royal Occasion

Maleficent Appears

Maleficent’s Spell

Dr Who Theme

Marry You

Murder You

Marching About

The Topmost Turret


They’re Only Human

The Summoning

A Little Prick

Dance With My Daugher

A Wicked Thicket

Maleficent’s Lair

Bad Guys


Sleep Walking

Where’d They Go?

Sleep Walking Again

Zombie Attack!

Billy’s Dreamworld

King Billy

Wildest Dreams

Dr Who Theme (Reprise)

Take Me Home, Country Road

Final Fight

Marry Who?

Marry You (Reprise)


Sweet Caroline

I Gotta Feeling

You Give A LIttle Love